About Cre8

Cre8 Radio is a community radio station, based at Staffordshire University, that is dedicated to local community and arts. It broadcasts on FM and online, and aims to be the voice for some of the best home-grown talent around. After completing four years of successful short term (RSL) FM licenses, the University are applying for a full time community radio FM license for launch in 2013.

Visit the Cre8 Radio website at http://www.cre8radio.com

One Media Radio is the sister station of Cre8 Radio and is student radio station, broadcasting online from the Students’ Union of Staffordshire University. Cre8 Radio shares the facilities of the student radio. In fact, many of the students involved in the student radio are also involved in the running of the community radio station too.

Visit the One Media Radio website at http://www.onemediaradio.com

The aim is that both these stations are co-located in the same facility at the University and Students’ Union, sharing studios and office spaces to help produce both student and community radio for the local communities of North Staffordshire.

The initial need is for capital investment. The stations need a dedicated building extension to the Student’s Union, built to radio broadcast specifications, followed by equipment for the radio studios and offices, and suitable transmission equipment.

Long term, the aim is to be self sustaining through mixture of University / Union grants, fundraising, and commercial advertising and sponsorship. There is a possibility that the building extension itself could be named after a major contributor or sponsor.


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